stares at isabela and marian






“Oh smile, prickles. I wasn’t serious.”


Cuddle Buddy Application~

Name: Sweet thing, if you’ve forgotten my name I’m severely disappointed.
Age: Oh, you know, a number…
Gender: Female, sweetness.
Big/Little Spoon: I’ll be the big spoon, just for you. ; )
Favourite Movie: <insert dirty smile here>
Favourite Band: What was that one the other night? You know, the one with the really hot guy? Mmmmm, he had such nice arms……….
Is it okay if I fall asleep?: Of course.
Are kisses allowed?: Oh, yes. ; )
Are pants required?: I don’t know about you, but I certainly won’t be wearing any.
When are you available for cuddles?: Anytime, sweet thing. Anytime.
My place or yours?: You have a big bed.
Will you play with my hair?: Well that’s a bit of a given, now, isn’t it?

“Looks like I’ll be…wearing the pants.”



words come to me in my sleep but they don’t
sound like me

Nick Flynn, Fragment #4 in “Seven Fragments (found inside my father),” from Some Ether (Graywolf Press, 2000)