Wow— so 2014 has hit at last, and I thought it time I show my love for all those who I have read, watched, and seen grow for quite some time now, and deciding to share that love all around! Admittedly, I do not interact with every one of these, but they are each a joy and an inspiration to have on my dash, and each extremely talented in their own ways. I highly recommend checking them out, because I have yet to regret hitting that ‘follow’ button.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Dragon Age

aarishok / abitterveteran / asherielamell / apostatemanifesto / belshiral /cullenchilada / domitorem / faeryshawke / feddupprotector / fereldendefiance / ferusveneficae / firstenchanterofkirkwallfreedomofblood / ghost-of-the-spire / hawkesunshine / hhhawke / ladycousland / mage-hawke / malleusmalefica / nomadicxmaleficarum / pariahnolonger / paruminfantulaqueenofthe-easternsea / rivainidancer / sailsandsunshamelesslothario / sparrowsurana / spiritflux / theirinliestheproblem / thenoblepariah / thesecretapostate/ twin-talons / umbramortissedent / wardentheo 

Other Fandoms

abrideoffire  / archer-of-durin / aurora-eques / braverthanexpected / conflorens / durinsfire / dwarvishlionheart/ herroyaldarkness / keptshort / lostmyway-twice / olonir / petrifiedsnow / scarlet-knight / stealingchristmas / thedwarftodare / xtelumendil 


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