Okay, so I have to give all of my followers a big, big, thank you. Again- I never thought that I would get this many followers let alone keep the old ones! Half the time I don’t know what I am doing, and my blog is like 50 % OOC posts. 

Okay so if you are Bolded and Italic you basically own my soul and I can’t get enough of you.

If your Italicized that means we RP frequent/semi-often and I love you and we need to rp more.

If your neither it means that we haven’t talked much/haven’t talked at all and I’ve been secretly loving you from afar and I want to RP/talk to you more or that we’ve just started to rp and I already love you.

alittlemun, aloneinmycageapathlikeatrackalowlymessengerbanish-the-tick-tick-tock-tock,  bowmansdaughterbofurthetoyminer, bardofesgaroths, braverthanexpectedcleverindeeddiabolicalvampyre, dimensional-drift, dwarfstaroferebor, flirting-withsmaug,


kili-rplonelymountainqueen, lordoferebor, lostmyway-twice, maethormaidenofmirkwoodminesarethebiggestparasites, more-than-one,  myteethareswordsnicemannersforathiefandliarofarchery,

regnumverusranger-of-the-wildsrecklessxdwarvenlassspare-heir, shieldwarden the-reckless-dwarf thats-a-relief, twin-talons, tearfulmaiden,therecklessdwarfprince,  thrillmethrough  thegoldendaughter, 

warrior-of-mirkwood, wisebyexperience, wildyoungboggins, x-faye-x,  youngcourageousheart, 


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