Well somehow, we’ve managed to reach milestone after milestone, and we’re slowly creeping towards the next.  When I started RPing on tumblr a mere two-and-some months ago, I was bumbling around a blog for the first time.  And look where we are now.  You all are the reason Kíli has become what he is, and I look forward to signing on and interacting with the lot of you.  (Or, in some cases just enjoying you on my dash.)  I wish I could write you all a note (and I suppose you’re free to ask for one, if you like, heh), so instead, just accept this as a token of my affection.  I’ve enjoyed interacting with everyone, but these people are so amazing, and have really helped me develop my character and enjoy my time here.

apathlikeatrack, archer-of-durin, bluemountainbofur, braverthanexpected, burdenedinexile, byblood—andsteel, darkingofmordor, durinsgoldenheir, freckleelf, hurmulazugar, khazaddis, lilyofsteel, lostmyway-twice, paragoninexile, thenoblepariah, twin-talons, underthemistymountain, walks-in-another-world, xtelumendil, youngcourageousheart


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