same url; new blog reboot thang of some description~

After a lot of thought, I decided to “reboot” drainedmana; mostly because I hated my tagging system and the whole thing was, to me, an absolute mess. So yeah; chances are you might be following what is now an archive; so please unfollow it and follow this one instead because activity there will be zilch  😀

       Indie Dragon Age not so Original Character
               Mun is well-versed in the lore

       Banter to multi-para threads
               Capable of pretty much everything *winkwinknudgenudge*

       Accommodates tense in writing~
               Although has no interest in copying style and format

       Mun is legal in her home country; doesn’t smut
               But will happily follow if it’s tagged and/or under a read-more

       Skype is available to mutants mutuals
               So I can send you random lurve and we can chat shizzle and pretend we do srs RPs fer realsies

*smooshes yer faises*    u   v   u


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