{ Wow, ok I’ve only been on this account for a few months and to already hit a milestone of 500+ of you cuties is a great and wonderful honor. I honestly made this blog on a whim and never thought I would still be sticking with it and much less have all of the sweet and kind words from so many of you who seem to enjoy my portrayal ( and that means a lot to me you have no idea ). I’ve met some really wonderful people through this fandom and interacted in some pretty gorgeous ways with both old and new friends and let me tell you, its been one of the greatest experiences of my life and I truly thank you all for that from the deepest place in my heart. }

And now in no particular order mostly because I’m too tired I give you a small list of some A++++ people that you should really follow as they have made my dash a brighter place and a super fantastic joy to interact with or watch from afar;

irukas rhomru themirkwoodking lordoferebor et-impiis-lethalis little-scarecrow edhelernil meowgito eomeer toothpiick sonofwhitefang xrtificial wardenofthewood tithentuil nicemannersforathiefandliar elrohirsonofelrond king-aragorn-of-gondor twin-talons wisebyexperience 


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