{➶} — Well, this has been a hell of a week! The same day I finished my University career, I hit four hundred followers. That’s insane. Also, it’s very good timing, because now I get to do a follow forever for you all!. I’ve adored Tolkien since I was a tiny little girl, and the knowledge that so many of you are willing to tolerate my dumb arse ( not to mention Kili’s ) is absolutely wonderful, I can’t even say.

So, here’s hoping I don’t miss any of you, but here’s a little glimpse into the small army (!!!) of people I seem to call my followers.

{➶} — H a l l  o f  F a m e 
These are the people I love to roleplay with and will never, ever unfollow. You’re all such amazing people, and I’m truly glad to have you around. I love you all.

herunfailingkindness // treetopsandstarwalks // vaenxel // wxngardiumleviosa // zabadinh

{➶} — Then there’s the people I either stalk from a distance and would love to roleplay with, or those lovely people I haven’t had the fortune of spending too much time with yet. Arranged in a couple of different lists to save your eyes.

{➶} — T o l k i e n

all-the-comforts-of-home // apathlikeatrack // arwenelvenstar // bowmansdaughter // captain-of-the-elven-guard dwaaaaaaaaaliiiiin // frerin-son-of-thrain // hewhowalksunseen // itsjustborrowing // kidhuzurrayad // knuckledusting // queenofsilverfountains // regnumverus // sagittis-et-stellas// thekingofgreenwood // thebeardless-ladydwarf // thuragal // tthhoooooooorrrriiiiiinnn // viliofdurinsfolk // wisebyexperience // youngkingofdale // zirikhab

{➶} — C r o s s o v e r s ,  o t h e r  v e r s e s ,  e t c.

aloneinmycage // aviperamongstlions // gamemakxr // hookedonrevenge // likemyladymother // littlewinterdove // kissxdbyfire // melancholxa // queenofthe-easternsea // sovereignofdeceit // thescaledqueen // troubledthunderer // twin-talons // withironhearts

And an honourable mention for codenamehexx, who doesn’t roleplay, but is the sweetest stalker and nicest person a mun could ask for. Also asktinks, who I don’t see much these days, but who is still awesome.

Again, thank you so much, everyone! Here’s hoping we’re all roleplaying together for a long time yet.