When I made this blog in December, I literally had no idea how dear this muse would become to me, or how much I would find myself becoming attached to the Tolkien community.  For that, I say thank you.  You’ve all been absolutely spectacular, and even though I just admire so many of you from afar, know that you’ve made my experience here worth each and every single minute. 

There are a few, however, that I feel like I want to give a special nod. Some… are really quite overdue. 

braverthanexpected:: We’ve been friends almost a year now, you realize that?  You coaxed me over here when your other muses were waning, and my own well was running dry. There’s tons and tons I could say, but really you know what it all is already, I’m sure. I just turn into a giant keysmashy mess and collapse all over the place with how amazing of a friend you’ve been. Not to mention, my muses wouldn’t be the same without their Bros. <333

lordoferebor:: Honey, you are spectacular, both as a friend and as an rp partner. There’s no other way to put it. When I sent you that first message forever ago I think I actually re-wrote that thing seven or eight times because I was so nervous and your blog was so good. Sometimes I’m still stunned that I managed to hop into that chatzy and solidify both muses friendship and start up our own, but man oh man am I glad I did. :3 

twin-talons aka messerebombastic:: Thank you for being my friend, my beta on many occasions, and letting me ramble and flop and mourn over various blog related feels both here and on my DARP account. Our muses are destined to be friends, I think, and your Bombur has made my day on more than one occasion. Not to mention somehow our bro-ing around crosses universes without our even knowing, hahah {what up albion where dem chickens at}.

Follow Forever::
{Alphabetized; if you’re on here I love you. I won’t get into the italics and bolding and stuff.}

archer-of-durin || banginbilbobaggins || bilbo-of-the-shire || bowofthegaladhrim || cleverindeed || edhelernil || hurmulazugar || khazaddis || lostmyway-twice || lukhudel || nadadith || queenofsilverfountains || queenofthe-easternsea || rinnahtheskinchanger || smokinshield || spare-heir|| themirkwoodking || thorinofthrain || xtelumendil


Okay, so this will be really simple- but I wanted to give back to the people who have been following me and talking to me and just being spectacular. 

– Must be following me. (Don’t unfollow after its over, that is rude.) 
– Don’t go insane on the reblogs folks. Be kind to your dash. 
-Over  May 12, 2014 @5pm EST. 

-First Place:  
50 icons ;  URL graphic (to be used in promos) ;  3 promos ; Link on my blog
-Second Place:
35 icons ; URL graphic ; 2 promos 
-Third Place:
25 icons  ; URL Graphic  ; 1 promo

I will contact winners to discuss what sort of icons they want, if watermarking is wanted I can do that (for your URL) and of course, everyone seeing this post wins my love. 

Thanks again everyone. I can’t say enough how excited I am to have kinda nestled myself into this community. You’re all fab. 



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