I   W A S   T O L D   T H E   B E E R   W A S   F R E E

               Independent Tolkien RP blog for Bofur from the Hobbit

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve been on here for maybe 2 years?
  • I might have started Bofur in December
  • I’m easily confused
  • I’m also 145 years of age
  • Book and Movie canon (As close as you want me to be)
  • Open to para/one liners/para para paradise
  • icons/gifs (more icons than gifs)
  • OC friendly: Ask box is always open for plots or just silliness.
  • Crossovers and AU’s welcomed!
  • Am I doing this right? …No? Oh well.
  • You’ve been warned.
  • And now for some dots: ……………!

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