[MMS – Unknown Number] It’s selfie Sunday. I usually don’t do this shit but look at this guy I met. Epic beard right? I’m going to hit it. Trust me. How are you, girly?

[MMS] Impressive! Ask him if he has pet blue oxen named Babe. I bet he does. Hit it while he tells you about all the trees he’s felled. Nothing new to report here. Well, except the actual news. I’m sure something’s wrong somewhere in New York.



[SMS: Private Number] Hey. It’s Christel. Sorry I dropped out of the sky. Not literally! A good deal popped up. I’m in New York for a little bit. You okay? Hope you are. I’ll text you later, I’m going to go get laid now.

[SMS] Hey! You’re alive! Finally I can take down all the ‘Lost Brawler’ posters we put up. I’m surviving. Though apparently not as excitingly as some (give ‘sex’ my regards, will you?) Drinks soon

Open ||


Cursing up a storm the blonde dwarrow attempted to figure out where he was. Brows furrowing he glanced around the forest for any clues as to how to get out from under the thick canopy of trees and back onto the path he had intended to follow. 


Growing more frustrated he hauled himself up onto a rock and sat down, attempting to calm himself. Maybe if he kept his head he’d be able to figure out exactly how he’d ended up here. It wasn’t the first time he’d been lost and he’d bet it wouldn’t be the last. He seemed to have inherited his Uncle’s lack of a sense of direction, much to the rest of his families amusement. 

“Well, this is a mess,” Marian sighed, hacking her way through vine and bramble. An hour had passed, and then two. Where was an elven clan when you needed one? This was a forest – wasn’t there a rule about that? “Never thought I’d actually be hoping to hear snippy death threats,” she grumbled.


The sky (or rather the miniscule pinpricks of it she could see), bright blue earlier this afternoon, was now ashen. A promise of rain.

“Might as well start looking for shelter–” and then she heard it: swearing. Quite colorful too. Pushing aside more branches, Hawke squinted and felt her wilted spirits lift. Blonde, braided, but definitely not an elf.