It has been quite a jouney, hasn’t it? When I created this blog I thought I wouldn’t stay for long, but oops! Over a year and three months later I’m still here and will not leave anytime soon.

During this time I’ve met some incredibly amazing individuals, who I’ve roleplayed with till early hours in the mornings, till I cried because of all the angst or laughed till tears poured down my cheeks because of all the brilliant crack. You’ve supported me when I’ve felt like I’m not doing any justice to this amazing muse, helped me to develop my writing and storytelling, and lifted up my mood when I’ve been upset.

You’re all fantastic, never forget that!

Here’s some of the babes I adore greatly and who you should go check out;

faeryshawke | firstenchanterofkirkwall | taintedcrown/ameliastannard | bythepowerofcullen | espritchevalier/mountainmage | wardenofgrey | makersent | redtailedhawke | spiritscalling | wardentheo | spiritflux | loveandlyrium | abitterveteran | hawkesunshine | hawkethevixen | farlandoutcasts | yeuxpales | ladyoftheanderfels
twin-talons | serynhawke | deadlierthanthemales | sonofferelden | truthshaper | manymanyservices | commanderofthegreyskies | templarhael | mxrianhawke | adropofqamek


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