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first up: Bojingles for apathlikeatrack



A voice called from around the corner claiming ownership of the dog.  When the owner of the voice made her presence known, he couldn’t help but smile.  She seemed rather humored with the Mabari’s discovery.  He scoffed in amusement as he patted the hound’s head and then crossed his arms, bowing slightly.


“If he’s looking for a cheater he’s-if you’ll excuse the phrase-barking up the wrong tree.  Might just be the smell of the tavern.  It still haunts me even in daylight at times.”

“There is a certain…cloying musk to the place,” Hawke assented, nudging the hound’s ribcage with her knee to signal him to back away. “I think Lady Elegant sells it by the bottle, actually. Though I’m not sure to whom…”


“Aren’t you the fellow who makes the beef and stout stew?” she stepped forward to let the talk run more easily between them. “You know I’d be willing to pay good coin for that recipe. Unless it’s not actually beef, in which case: I don’t want to know.”

Ask a Killer


| Heroes or Villains, Killing May Be Relative |

♔ :First kill

♕ :Last kill

♖ :A kill you regret

♗ :A kill you have been known to boast about

♘ :How you prefer to kill someone

♙ :Most malicious act tied to your name

♚ :A time when you showed mercy

♛ :A time when mercy was requested but not provided

♜ :Post-kill actions, thoughts, or emotions

♝ :Ever killed for sport?

♞ :Define a good kill

♟ :A close call to being killed yourself