I Won't Let Them Change Me -- a Kili/Hawke Hunger Games AU 

For championofkirkwall

         [ Listen ]

 I.     Kili:   Iodine – Icon for Hire
 II.    Hawke:   Help, I’m Alive – Metric
 III.   District Seven:   The Call Of The Mountains – Eluveitie
 IV.   The Arena: Last of the Wilds – Nightwish
 V.    The Life of a Victor: Flogging Molly – Requiem for a Dying Song
 VI.   The Capitol:   Dead Is the New Alive (Manipulator Mix By Dope Stars Inc.) – Emilie Autumn
 VII.  The Blanket Scene: The Last Night – Skillet
 VIII. Kili and Hawke Fight:  I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name) – Lacuna Coil
 IX.   Kili Defends Hawke: Hero – Skillet
 X.    Protection/A War on Two Fronts: War – Poets of the Fall
 XI.   Losing a Tribute: Shattered – Delain
 XII.  Love in the Capitol:   Summertime Sadness – Within Temptation
 XIII. Remembering to Laugh:   Here’s to Us – Halestorm


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