The past six months had been a wonderful experience. I felt welcome
     on tumblr quite quickly and even nowadays feel that this is — no
     matter the most recent events — a wonderful community where I got
     to meet many amazing people and am even more excited for the
     upcoming time. 

     Reaching my 1k and as well celebrating my six months here with this
     blog ; I wanted to give something back. You all had been so lovely and
     nice to me that I gave you guys the chance to decide what you want ;
     and many decided for a resource pack ; it can be downloaded here.

     Along with the resource pack this is as well a giveaway. The rules are
     simple as always ; you have to follow me and reblogs && likes do
     count. Reblog as often as you want to and by the six months birthday
     of this blog , 18th December 2014 ; this giveaway will end on 10 pm
     GMT. 3 Winners can decide between the following;

                           Online/Offline banners I II
                            Promo graphic I II III IV
                            Theme background I 


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