There aren’t many stockings left to hang above Hawke’s fireplace at Christmas, but the two that remain (a bear stitched in one, a dragon in the other) are always jam-packed with “treasures” like this, from one sibling to the other. 

Don’t forget to wink at yourself in the mirror when you’re done. >;)

He recognized the brand immediately and narrowed his eyes at it. Isabela must have taken Marian to “LUSH” to find this… The same place where she got those strange spheres that left sparkles in his tub for a month. Garrett subconsciously scratched at his chest, the memory of them tangled in his chest hair an unpleasant one.

Cautiously, he popped off the cap and sniffed it — surprisingly pleasant — before he gave it a very thorough examining for any sparkly agents of evil. Satisfied, Garrett closed the tub and his lips twitched up into a smile.



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