//i want to come off hiatus but you see my laptop is with the Maker now…

just a little longer. thank you everyone for sticking with me. i will re-open this blog to threads when i have consistent computer access. 




1. First place !!: One character portrait 

2. Second place (TWO WINNERS) A character line-up with ONE undies shot and ONE casual outfit 

Rules !! YOU MUST B FOLLOWING ME !!.. I WILL check if you’re following me right now & NOT just for the giveaway pls don’t lmao

-REBLOGS ONLY count: You can reblog as much as u want !! but pls be considerate of your followers. 

– I won’t do aliens/furries.. must have humanoid features, I would prefer to do a girl character !! they’re easier for me ! but I will do boy

ENDS MARCH 27th !! have fun !!