what the birds told me:


I am very broken,
But I know I do not want this.


” the hard part is over, right? “


Barely moving from his spot laid out across his threadbare couch, Kili sighed. For a long moment, he didn’t reply, before twisting his head towards her with a look that was resigned even for him.

“You and I both know that’s not how it works. Not any more.”


Hawke looked down at the cup of tea in her hands, tepid since she’d been gazing out the window at the trees: verdant in the early summer sun. If there was such a thing as a perfect day in the Districts, it would look something like this. All blue and green and chirping birds.

A better place for everyone.

She took a sip of her cold tea, the corners of her mouth turning down at it, and then deepening further when Kili answered her. “Maybe we’ll get lucky,” Hawke said, though her teasing voice was limp; drained out. “And they’ll decide to throw a horrible party instead of a Quell.”

▲ϟ♪❤∞❖ and hawke just likes the bird so ✈✈✈



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Send my muse one of the following texts to see how they react:


[text] I can’t take you seriously when you’re using that many emojis. 
[text] Im not drunk eveyone is just blurry
[text] Could you be anymore dramatic? 
[text] You need more friends… or a therapist… 
[text] All you do all day is sit around and google pictures of baby animals! 
[text] I just miss you. That’s all. 
[text] New rule.. every time you say his name I get to punch you.
[text] You’re going to hell for sure now. 
[text] Why is there a life size cardboard cut out of Harry Styles in my bedroom?
[text] I really don’t care… 
[text] Oh no, I’m not doing that again.
[text] I’ve seen every episode of Grey’s Anatomy like 3 times. I practically have a PhD.
[text] Do whatever you want. I don’t even care anymore. 
[text] Can’t talk now.. too busy eating ice cream and watching House Hunters International. 
[text] We’re not watching Frozen again. 
[text] I have no idea what you’re talking about… 
[text] You’ve got waaaay too much time on your hands. 
[text] Are you trying to bribe me with sex? 
[text] I just don’t think moving in together is a very good idea…
[text] Because you’re pissing me off! 
[text] You left your sweatshirt here. It’s mine now. 
[text] I need to tell you something but you have to promise not to get mad. 
[text] What did I say about sending me pictures like that while I’m at work? 
[text] Wait… are you serious?
[text] I accidentally just called my mom a bitch to her face and now I have to run away.
[text] I’m just saying that you look a lot better without clothes on!
[text] I know that we don’t always get along but I really do miss you. 
[text] Pictures or it didn’t happen! 
[text] I’ll accept apologizes in the form of food or sex. 
[text] I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry please just pick up the phone.
[text] That’s really inappropriate… 
[text] I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or proud… 
[text] You’ll never guess who just texted me. 
[text] I hate my life right now about as much as Robert Pattinson hates Twilight.