“It’s going to be perfectly fine, Hawke. It’s not like we’re getting you Elie Saab or Versace…”

“Look, I did this with Garr– your brother. He survived, so will you. And you’ll have nice clothes that you can wear on dates and stuff.” Blonde eyebrows wiggle suggestively.

For a moment, Marian buttoned her lips. So, her blonde counterpart had brought Garrett here too, hm? That explained where that extra blazer had come from. I wonder how their ‘date and stuff’ went…

“Alright, alright, one outfit,” she agreed, because she liked Marian and because Mother would have dragged her by her ear if she’d caught Hawke rejecting such generosity. “I admit I’ve been taken worse places.”


“Have they got anything with ruffles?”



So… exactly a year ago, I decided to create this blog… well… not exactly this blog, back then it was a sideblog, trying to have a feel for this asshole of a character called Lambert. I was playing the witcher, and little did I know when I was playing this side quest that I would run into Geralt’s really angry brother, and I was so incredibly excited the moment I saw him, I can’t really explain it. I immediately clicked with Lambert’s character and I knew I wanted to roleplay him.

Since that sideblog, this blog has been through a move to a main blog and then another move, some face lift and changes, but at the core of it will always be this grumpy kid, who grew up in a shit life, was raised to fight, to survive, no one asked him what he wanted, and so even as an adult he’s looking for direction and himself.

On this journey, I have met some amazing people and some that I reunited with from earlier blogs of mine who were just as happy to come here and interact with my angry son. So mostly this will be a list of people who were my companions along the way, I can thank them for great character development, for being here for me at difficult times and for still keeping me going to hopefully celebrate another year.

@tragedyveined Of course I have to start with you, Erin. Neither me, nor Lambert would be where we are today without you and Fallon. Lambert was swooped off his feet by this whirlwind of a woman, it was a rough start but grew into something that was an amazing story to roleplay with you, Fallon is basically a part of Lambert now, she formed him and made him better and I can hardly put it into words how much you and your friendship means to me. You are an amazing writer, incredibly talented, you know this because I tell you and then you shout at me for being nice, but I honestly believe you will be an amazing screenwriter/director, and you will win every award available. Your talent and your good and honest heart deserves the best things in the world.

@ichorhymn You are one of those miracles, an amazing blog and talent who has been with me since the start, has seen most of my blogs, follow me and interact with me on almost all of them. You always took interest in me and my blogs, we don’t talk as much as we should, but I am insanely grateful for you and your presence, I want you to know that if you ever need anything I’m here, and you are incredible, you are your own brand on tumblr, with gorgeous, ethereal, unique muses who you’ve been nurturing for years. Also you are feeding my love of donkeys which is very important to mention as well!

@templixr / @erratiquex / @knavishcreed Oh man, we have history as well, don’t we? It was a bit more on and off, but somehow still managed to find each other again, you are a constant source for aesthetic images for me, relentlessly sending me images which are perfect and I love them, because I am honestly crap at finding things like that. You are also an amazing and fun person to be around, cheerful and ready for that crack all the time. I appreciate your presence, your support and your willingness to stick with me through all my manic moods and I hope we will roleplay loads of epic stuff in the future!

@bifrostism / @ncvaprime TY! We sort of exist beside each other most of the time but please know that I adore you, I love your writing, I will follow you no matter what you’re up to and there are times when I also kind of want to adopt you! We have been each other’s Samwise Gamgees for a while and I know you have a lot of things going on and always a new blog in your mind to plan, but ‘I’ll be there for you’ as the song says, you are wonderful, deserve lots of laughs and happiness, you are talented with never-ending amounts of creativity! 

@carmineink We had our ups and downs, misunderstandings and all that, but Layne has been a long-standing companion to Lambert, the two of them wreaking havoc all around, a friend who very quickly clicked with my son and even with all of Layne’s psychotic tendencies, Lambert became quite fond of him. I’m also very grateful for your companionship, that I can talk to you when shit hits the fan and I hope you know this is true the other way round as well. I hope Layne and Lambert will have many more adventures together!

@looksmashing Kelly, you are actually Keira I swear, I can just easily see her sitting by a computer giggling away and enjoying all the scheming and plotting. You are an awesome writer and a very sensitive individual, blessed with good humour! I am very happy that you came along, with all the roller coaster that has been the past few weeks, you are a wonderful writing partner and I feel very lucky that you decided to RP here!

@reversalt / @twinxtalons Rune will forever feature on everything because she has reached her final form when it comes to being my RP partner, she has been the very first in a lot of respects and I will forever love you and follow you everywhere. I always enjoy your writing, your wit is one of my favourite things in this world, and I am always happy when I see you return, so currently I am a very happy bunny!

I could go on forever but this post is getting reaaaaally long, so I will mention all the other wonderful people who I’ve been blessed enough to come across on this blog!

@scindeva // @fovous & @isiliden & @aggestis & @suchtige // @sauxders & @leoduval // @arcanemistrust // @captxinjones // @ofportals // @equesv // @zwhacking & @radiowielding // @mcrtalism // @mcghantodd & @timmgutterson // @magied // @junebcg // @spunstories & @toshootfirst // @floorkissed & @omcrta // @herpetologiist & @svadade & @cynophilisted & @ofsecondsight // @eskel-wolfbrother // @carisiisms // @altuus // @daggersandpoison // @xaedificare // @dcllparted // @ssanis // @vhenadhal // @vintyvanora // @rivianwolf // @aureajuniper // @ghoulishundertakings // @indvsalce // @cultkiid // @starchillcd // @ashenlioness // @finelendal // @ulfhrafnx  // @snarkomancy // @vclvtile & @tcughguy // @camillelafaye