Ok but first coffee.




Cousland shudders at the word ruffles. All she can think in that moment is her bridesmaid dress at her brother’s wedding. It was the actual worst as it was pink and covered in ruffles. Nathaniel still had pictures. Dirty Howe…

“Huh? Ruffles, really? I imagined you were more… leather, jewelry that could actually kill someone, and generally looking like you give no… ” A mother passes with child, and Marian pauses as to not corrupt a child with foul language. She and the child make eye contact and she makes a funny face that makes the little one smile. Once they were out of earshot, Marian continued. “As I was saying, give no shits. But we can find things with ruffles if that’s what you’d like. We talking fairy tale princess level of ruffles or…?”

She may or may not be planning on putting the Hawke twin before her in the fluffiest thing she could find and taking pictures of it to show everyone.

“You’ve got a vivid imagination then,” Hawke surmised. She wasn’t much for jewelry at all, or anything that took extra time from her morning routine that was better spent on checking the headlines and getting her chocolate-fix latte on the way to work. “Though I do practically live in my leather jacket, you have me there. Makes me feel like Maverick, you know?” she picked a pair of sunglasses off a mannequin and with the price tag dangling over her nose gave Marian a posed, smirking thumbs up. A saleswoman raised a pair of thin eyebrows at Hawke, so she gave her a thumbs up too before taking the sunglasses off and clearing her throat. “Carver pulled it off better.”

She dragged herself away from a memory of her brother waving at her from his training jet. 


“Fairy tale princess.” Hawke chuckled as though the smile had never left her face. “Did your parents put you in a lot of that stuff?” 

She glanced around, unsure where to start. Everything in here was so glossy, especially the floor, especially next to Hawke’s faded boots. “I was thinking more, what’s the word–Isabela talks about it sometimes when she’s on about ships–steampunk? Yes! Not goggles and gears and all that foofaraw but just a touch of….” her fingers found their way to a line of damask. “Adventure.”


“ I go there for the drinks, though… dating is… not necessarily my main concern… don’t mistake me for my mother. “

“ You have to admit though, doctors and pharmacies… we should serve the people… we are not a cable company or some hardware store… what we give should be because we care not because of wanting money and big cars… some of these pharmaceutical gurus act like some rock stars in their porches… it’s ridiculous. “

“Oh but Mrs Anders is such fun. I love how she assumes I’m poor and ill-bred all the time. In fact I was thinking of flying her here from Snobtopia for Garrett’s annual tailgate party – think she’d want to come?”

“Speaking of which, you’d better be coming. Don’t worry I’ll get you a nice Hawks scarf so you don’t show too much neck.” She reached out and fixed the one he was wearing now. “I know, I know, they’re a bunch of selfish bastards and I’d put angry crocodiles in all their swimming pools for you if I could but…how about we just get some takeaway?”