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  • Multi-verse, OC-friendly, selective-ish featherbrain.
  • This blog and Hawke’s characterization are Dragon Age based, but modern set. If you want to trail around Thedas (or other fantastical places) with her, please go here (note: account is on an extended hiatus)
  • I am up for threads of all shapes and sizes! Just please don’t spring a novella on me. I love to plot, and do pre-established relationships and all that good jazz but I enjoy knowing when I’m getting into more involved stuff and with whom.
  • Memes and banters, on the other hand, are welcome from any and all.
  • mun is 25+ and comfortable with NSFW themes. Triggers will be tagged to the best of my ability. If I miss something, please tell me. The ask box is open for a reason.
  • You will find crack here on occasion. Probably alcohol meme related.
  • Use of good spelling and grammar is worth many friendship points.  
  • Skype for mutuals.
  • Drinks on Varric’s tab.