This is proof that my blog is and will remain a safe space for people who get bad anxiety over politics. This means there is absolutely 0% OF ANYTHING RELATED TO THE ELECTIONS ON MY BLOG If you need to have tumblr to keep your mind off of things, but all of the political stuff is too much, please feel free to scroll through my blog. I don’t mind reblogs or likes on extremely old posts. Your comfort matters to me!


Reblog if you play a muse older than 30 years old.


I want to make a masterlist of muses of all and any fandoms and OCs who are 30 and up in their main verse*.

Please, reblog this post with the name of your character, their age and your fandom in the tags if you want to be added to the masterlist!

* For gods, immortals and other supernatural creatures that don’t age, your FC must be older than 30!


PSA: You don’t need to have icons, gifcons, promos
or fancy themes to Rp with me. I feel like people lose
themselves in obsessing over this aesthetic and don’t
spend enough time writing their characters. I for one
do not mind if you just use text. Write all you like.
There’s never too many words, nor too little. You don’t
need to match my posts, just write what comes from
the heart.



As some of you know, I can’t afford to pick up a copy of Inquisition (not in good financial conscience anyway) and it’s getting harder seeing everyone hurtling on ahead. So, I’m going to vanish for a while. Take a breather. The hills look nice, don’t you think? 


“You’ll have to be more specific. A lot of things are my fault.”

My Modern Hawke Account: There’s been an uprising in modern and Hunger Games activity lately – so I’ll be moving those threads over here to reduce blog clog. Warm thanks to those this affects the most for your patience and understanding. I can’t wait to see you.