HOWL LIKE WOLVES | tumblr theme #2 » live preview & code

EDIT: I solved a problem, so please use the new code!!

my second tumblr theme featuring Holland Roden aka Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf

☆ you’re allowed to edit
☆ don’t use as a base
☆ credit me

☆ 400px or 500px post sizes
☆ 5 custom links
☆ Fading Image Hover on the Sidebar Picture
☆ your tumblr Userpic is displayed in the Sidebar /if you want

☆ my personal theme from January /modified
☆ Sidebar Picture: 195px (width) /auto resize
☆ tumblr Userpic: 48×48 px

please like or reblog if you use
if you have problems just ask me