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“We do seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the city.”

Marian Hawke used to be a military pilot along with her younger brother, Carver, but after she watched his plane go down over the gulf she was deemed psychologically incapable and given an honorable discharge from service. Now she flies helicopter for the local newstation, putting her talents to good use while filling the hole where her personal life should be with any problem she can make a pass at.

The loss of her brother (and eventually mother Leandra and sister Bethany) will forever haunt Hawke, but with a city falling apart at the seams, she has enough on her plate to keep her mind off the past.

She met her first roommate, Isabela, at the therapist’s office, but they told everyone they met at the pub downstairs. Since then, Isabela has fled and her brother Garrett has moved into her top floor penthouse.

She likes crossword puzzles, pastries, and people puzzles.

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“I can fight harder scared than they can angry.”

Indulgently nicknamed Talons by Caesar Flickerman for her unique use of the climbing spikes she wrested from the Cornucopia.

After nine days, starved and sick of running, Hawke abandoned the treetops where’d she’d been keeping above the carnage and made her first kill.If you watch the replays, you can still see the cameras soaring in to capture her wiping the blood from her eyes, leaving a long streak of crimson across her nose which became a hot fashion trend among her capitol supporters — much to Marian’s disgust.

When the only tributes remaining were allies, ‘scrappy underdogs’ like Hawke who were loathe to hunt eachother down, the Gamemakers sent a storm of apocalyptic proportions tearing through the Arena. With the aid of her spikes, Hawke survived by being the only tribute able to hang on from getting blown, screaming, into the tempest. To this day, she is incredibly frightened of thunder and lightning.

As far as Marian’s concerned, being a Victor means keeping her sister alive. Even with the rest of their family gone, she and Bethany can afford the medicine Bethany so desperately needs, and the media that cluster around on occasion aren’t so bad if you know how to butter them like Hawke does. But harsh reality is soon to intrude. Not only has Hawke been called upon to mentor, she’s been partnered with the infamous Kili Durinson. A reclusive, snarling Victor better known to Capitolites as Demon.


I wouldn’t believe the hype.

➸denotes Hunger Games verse*

{ basics }

  • Given Name: Marian
  • Age: twilight of her 20s ➸19
  • Birth Place: New Jersey ➸District 7
  • Species: Human
  • Current Residence: Downtown loft ➸Victor’s Village cabin
  • Occupation: Pilot ➸Lead Climber/Mentor
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Relationship Status: Single ➸Involved

{ family }

  • Father:  Malcolm (deceased – illness)
  • Mother: Leandra (deceased – homocide ➸status unknown)
  • Brother:  Carver (deceased – accident), Garrett (alive – grumpy ➸status unknown)
  • Sister:  Bethany (deceased – in absentia ➸alive)

{ physical appearance }

  • Hair: Brown/Black
  • Eye: Blue
  • Complexion: Fair
  • Birthmarks: Freckled shoulder
  • Scars: Noticeable mark across the bridge of her nose, messy knuckles and knees, long furrow on abdomen ➸all scars erased by Capitol prep team
  • Height: 5’9”
  • Weight: 127

{ stats }

  • Nationality: American
  • Class: ➸Rogue (dual weapon, subterfuge)
  • Specialization: ➸Duelist
  • Languages:  English, French ➸Bullshit
  • Allegiance: ➸Victors

{ background }

{ traits }


  • hero syndrome
  • humorous
  • selfless
  • talented
  • quick-witted
  • quicker-fingered
  • forgiving
  • adventurous
  • brave


  • …hero syndrome
  • smart-aleck
  • reckless
  • workaholic
  • sarcastic
  • nosy
  • born sucker
  • digs up other’s problems
  • buries her own

5, 8, and 12!

  • 5: Does your muse have any phobias?

Spiders. Ever since Lothering when she and Carver used to keep Barlin’s infestation at bay. Marian’s hair was longer, much longer then and after an incident that involved eight tangled up legs and a bite that had her throwing up green for three days she absolutely cannot stand them.

Bonus reading.

  • 8: Who was your muse’s first crush?

Cleary, a farmer’s son she used to have footraces with in the orchard. He joined the King’s Army as a scout around the same time Marian did, but did not survive the massacre at Ostagar. She still misses him during apple season.

  • 12: What is your muse’s happiest memory from their childhood?

When the twins were born. It was that moment Marian realized she wanted to become a hero.



        1. When Marian learned that Sandy “Sandal” Feddic was struggling with his studies, she hired a personal tutor and has since started a college fund for him. 
        2. She and her twin brother Garrett are proficient ballroom dancers (mother insisted).

        1. Flying.   Marian is the most peaceful when she’s up in the clouds or just sitting on her rooftop with a beer, watching the streams of people and traffic below.
        2. Games.   Puzzles, cards, darts. Hawke especially likes games that occupy her hands as well as her mind and she always has coins in her pocket for the machines at the bar. She isn’t naturally competitive but Varric Tethras can bring this side of her out easily when he starts yelling out scores. 
        3. The Country Estate.   With the help of Bob Feddic, Marian likes to roll up her sleeves and help with the upkeep of her family estate out in Putnam county. On a Saturday afternoon, you might even find her at the hardware store carrying paint supplies and the third latte of the day.
  (  one muse per writer,  no particular order !!  )
        1. Garrett Hawke, her twin brother, roommate and clogger of sink drains // @nochampions
        2. Bo, her plumber, stand-in father figure, and drinking buddy // @atahthi
        3. Ian, that nice chap at the flower shop // @dalishfreckles
        4. Richard Anders, it’s complicated // @glowyapostate 
        5. Morgi, the musician who sings down at the pub  // @vatesvati
        6. Shikamaru, an aloof but friendly new acquaintance // @stagknight
        7. The Pizza Delivery Guy

        1. Mother. If Marian had just seen the pattern sooner, or gotten there faster…
        2. Trying online dating.
        1. Losing people close to her.
        2. Spiders.

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I want to make a masterlist of muses of all and any fandoms and OCs who are 30 and up in their main verse*.

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* For gods, immortals and other supernatural creatures that don’t age, your FC must be older than 30!

Skyrim AU

Full Name: Marian Hawke
Nickname(s):  Talons
Age: 26
Race: Nord/Breton
Born: Ivarstead
Lives: Riften
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Romantic Orientation: Heteromantic

Religion: Bretony Pantheon, favouring Phynaster.
Occupation:  Thief seeking other employment.
Language(s) Spoken:  Common, Reach-tongue


Face Claim: n/a
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’8”
Build:  Trim-waisted and boney-elbowed, Hawke has never thought of herself as having a particularly feminine physique, but her lithe stature lends her speed and agilty.
Distinguishing Characteristics: Beneath the stripe of red war paint on her nose is a deep scar. Startlingly bright blue eyes.


Positive Traits:  Helpful, silver-tongued, protective.
Negative Traits: Sarcastic, nosy, brash.
Goals/Desires:  To be a dragon work off her family’s debt.
Fears: Necromancy, spiders bigger than a handcart.

Hobbies: Adventuring! Drinking and card games, listening to stories from passing adventurers, especially ones about Dragons. 
Quirks: Has a habit of talking to herself, often at length. 
Likes: High up places, sweets, Brynjolf, Dragons!, Mjoll the Lionness, the jingling of restoration magic. 
Dislikes: Being out in the rain, horker loaf (eugh!), Hemming Blackbriar, necromancers, her bed in the Thieves Guild.


Father: Malcolm ( a court wizard for the Jarl)
Mother: Leandra (a seamstress)
Sibling(s): Carver (younger brother – a stormcloak soldier), Bethany (younger sister, Carver’s twin – studying at the College of Winterhold)

Spouse: N/A
Child(ren): N/A
Pet(s):  A dappled horse named Snowberry she won in a card game.


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