//okay i meant to be back here a lot sooner. like September sooner.

but here’s the thing–

believe it or not my doctor nearly killed me with a DTAP useless vaccine i didn’t need therefore i should try and kill her right back, yes?. i’m not about to become one of those “don’t vaccinate omg” advocates, but lemme tell you guys: the same shoe doesn’t always fit 7 billion people, holy freakin’ crap..

on the bright side my new naturopath doc is pretty cute nice and the medicine he has me taking seems to be working, hence my presence at ~my laptop~. the queen has a homeopath for a doc – how bad can they be, right? 

this is getting long so less about mun and more about muse: modern/hg!hawke is awake and rather cross with having her tongue tied for an entire season. i am headdesking for ever merging this blog with my behemoth canon one. moving again seems like an appealing option but for now i am going to post an open in my little sideblog corner shortly because i wrote one. 



Officially off Hiatus.

New Verse: Hunger Games

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