“There’s a bright light up ahead, and help is on the way.” [I don’t even know.]

“Actually, she’s here,” Hawke smiled, lifting Kili off the stone as easily as if he were a doll. “That was quite an impressive slip.”

With her free hand, she held three gloved fingers in front of his face. “Now, clumsy, how many do you see? I’ll give you a hint it’s less than ten.”


“Dropping me from the sky?? This sounds as arsey as I am. Be careful not to follow my footsteps, young padawan.”


“But if the Return of the Flagpole is that important to you, I have no heart to say no. But that means I want to see your ‘being electrocuted’ dance moves. It’s only fair.”

“Can I get a prescription for that advice?”

“Oh, it is. I lose sleep every night wondering when I’ll see it next, will it be as impressive? Does he really think that’s working?” Laughing, Hawke yanked open the cabin door and waved Richard in ahead of her. “Hey! I learned those from the best, you know. If you aren’t completely spellbound by my awkward flailing, you only have yourself to blame.”