I like books with romances that start off as fuck you then turns into fuck me


this afternoon I was writing down a few things I needed from the store in an old notebook. I flipped the page to continue my list when I stumbled across a note I had written to myself:

Dear you,
one day you may feel lost and one day you may forget who you are but please remember these things:

-you are your own responsibilty
-there is nothing scary in your room, go to sleep
-happiness can be found in clean sheets
-but remember cheap laundry detergent sucks
-cold air feels good in your lungs, breathe deep
-familiarity makes you feel anxious, remember to adventure
-you first, always
-you alone are your future
-the sun will always rise, even on a rainy day
-always open your blinds and tie back your curtains
-“we’ve only just started this party”
-take a walk even if you don’t know where you are going
-the sun will always burn your skin. (I swear if you mess up our skin I will be so mad at you. wear sunscreen!)
-stop buying bagels, you never eat them
-think deep and find beauty in the little things
-I told you he wasn’t the one

taped to the back was a $20 bill and sloppy cursive,
“I bet your gas light is on.”

signed August 2011//d.a.h

Whispering Bones, by Drew Hairgrove
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